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In December of 2023, Qcells purchased Langdon Mills Solar from Samsung C&T America and will be constructing and operating the facility. Qcells, headquartered in Irvine, California, offers the full spectrum of solar solutions from the core technology of panels to large-scale project development and investment.  We bring a decade of global leadership in solar PV to deliver utility-scale power generation plants customized for local regions. We partner with landowners, communities, and local officials to build the future of energy, together.


Leading the way with our complete energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Qcells offers decades of successful experience in working with communities and getting projects built correctly, from the start. We partner with local stakeholders to secure the best outcome for local communities, and we work collaboratively with local planning officials and governing bodies to assure we meet all required standards. Qcells is committed to building infrastructure in the community that creates tangible, long-term benefits for the area via donations, program support, and addressing community needs.

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